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1948 - 2023

My heartfelt sympathy to Nechie’s beautiful family. She will always be remembered as a loving caring woman to brought joy and happiness to those who knew her! She will be missed ! May her memory be a blessing and May she rest in peace. Fondly, Ellie Holtzman

Posted by Ellie Holtzman on May 23, 2023

My deep sympathies to the Kilimnick family, friends, and members of Congregatioin Beth Sholom. Rebbetzin Nechie zt”l and Rabbi Kilimnick zt”l were community treasures who legacies will live on. May her memory be a blessing and bring comfort in the days and months ahead.

Posted by Sandra L Frankel on May 20, 2023

What can I say that hasn't already been said...loved both your folks so very much...watched the Zoom service from Toronto... I wish I could be with you all, but sending huge virtual hugs...hamakom yenachem etchem...

Posted by Kenny Gruber on May 19, 2023

Last wonderful memory from Florida

Posted by Kenny Gruber on May 19, 2023

Sending our deepest condolences to the family and entire community. We are deeply saddened to know Rabbi and Rebbetzin are both gone. They had a profound impact on the world and to know them was to love them. We are so grateful to have had that privilege.

Posted by Susan Harf on May 19, 2023

I loved Nechi and was so happy when they moved to Rochester. We always had so much fun when we met, which of course wasn't often enough. The 2 of them would always visit my parents, the Beckers, when they came to Israel and it brought my parents such joy. I'll look for photos but now I just want to comfort the family and pray that the 2 of them are dancing together in Gan Eden...such a loss.

Posted by Leah Wolf on May 18, 2023

Rebittzin Nechhi gave real meaning and depth to the term “eshet chayil”. She with Rabbi raised children that any parent would gain nachas from. They worked together to give so much to Beth Sholem and also to make the Jewish Community of Rochester a vibrant, active Jewish community. May their memories be for a blessing to all of us and inspire us all to good deeds and love.

Posted by Burton & Marilyn Segelin on May 18, 2023

We were saddened to hear of Nechie's passing. She was a wonderful woman who contributed so much to her community. May her memory be for a blessing.

Posted by Miriam and Howard Rudnick on May 18, 2023

You will be missed nechie. But I have a memory. Sha gave me a hat at a hat sale I won’t forget you every time I wear it It was an honor to have met you rest in peace

Posted by Aliza yaffa on May 17, 2023

Sad to hear will be missed I have a great memory ;one of her hats she gave me never forget you nechie great to have met you

Posted by Aliza yaffa on May 17, 2023

Posted by Aliza yaffa on May 17, 2023

I was one of the "kids" in Little Rock who became frum because of Rabbi and Nechie. They were a second set of parents to me from the time I was 14 years old. Nechie was always there to talk to,--about anything--any time. She listened with a full heart. She never judged. Ever. She just loved. She offered her loving guidance. Us "Little Rockers" spent countless Shabbassim and countless hours in their home. We babysat Yosef, Shiffy & Tziporah so Rabbi and Nechie could get some time alone. Our loss was Rochester's gain. I say this often--I would not be here today if not for Rabbi and Nechie. Every Shabbos or yom tov candle I light, every bracha I make, every mitzvah I do...s'char goes directly to Rabbi and Nechie. They are together in Shamayim. But part of them will forever remain in our hearts.

Posted by Peggy (Zabol) Schwarzmer on May 17, 2023

Thinking of the family. Remembering the block parties which were so enjoyed by all of us. Your mother - always gracious. Athene

Posted by Athene on May 17, 2023

Only knew praises for both Rabbi Shaya and Nechie Kilimnick since my childhood. I am the daughter of her high school friend and college friend, Rivka. My mother always recalled fondly her multiple shabboses in the Wernick home and after in the company of her beloved friends, Rabbi Shaya and Nechie, a”h. Unbelievable friendship throughout the years. An honor to watch the bond as a second generation. Her smile and kindness will always be remembered.

Posted by Aliza Siegel on May 17, 2023

A true Eshet Chayil. May her memory be for a blessing.

Posted by Debi Brenner on May 17, 2023

My most sincere condolences to all the Kilimnicks on your loss. Nechie was a superior person in all respects, who I greatly enjoyed knowing...both as a Hillel parent, and as a community member. She will NEVER be forgotten.

Posted by Dave Rogachefsky on May 17, 2023

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