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In an era when sales tax, and income tax were non existent and an additional horse for the hearse cost a nickel, Nicholas J. Miller founded his funeral home. The year was 1889, he was 32 years old and the N.J. Miller Funeral Home was located in downtown Rochester, N.Y. at 92 North Clinton Avenue (near Main and State Streets). Nicholas was both a cabinet maker and an upholsterer who made his own caskets. He moved to 90 North Street and eventually to 100 North Street, where he remained in business until his death. Nicholas died in his home on Manitou Street on October 16, 1916, at which time the reins of business were turned over to his son, Edward A. Miller.

Picture of <h3 class="staff-title">Edward J. Miller (Fourth Generation Owner)</h3>

Edward J. Miller (Fourth Generation Owner)

Born in Rochester, N.Y. in 1951 to Edward and Margaret (Kellett) Miller, I have lived in Rochester my entire life. I married Lynda Blauw....READ MORE

Picture of <h3 class="staff-title">Josh Miller (Fifth Generation Owner)</h3>

Josh Miller (Fifth Generation Owner)

Born in 1978 to Lynda and Edward Miller I am a lifelong resident of Rochester. I married Sara (Smith) also a graduate of Penfield…..READ MORE

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Matthew J. Miller

Certified PrePlan Consultant,
CPC NYS Licensed Funeral Director...READ MORE

Picture of <h3 class="staff-title">Jarrod Krieger</h3>

Jarrod Krieger

NYS Licensed Funeral Director
I began working at Miller Funeral Homes in 2004....READ MORE

Picture of <h3 class="staff-title">Francis “Joe” Martin, Jr.</h3>

Francis “Joe” Martin, Jr.

NYS Licensed Funeral Director
Joe is a fourth generation Funeral Director who...READ MORE

Picture of <h3 class="staff-title">Daniel Zysman</h3>

Daniel Zysman

NYS Licensed Funeral Director
I am a fourth generation Rochesterian, and....READ MORE

Picture of <h3 class="staff-title">Marika McMeans</h3>

Marika McMeans

NYS Licensed Funeral Director
I am a first generation Licensed Funeral Director born and raised in ...READ MORE

Picture of <h3 class="staff-title">Patricia M. Carpenter</h3>

Patricia M. Carpenter

NYS Licensed Funeral Director...READ MORE

Picture of <h3 class="staff-title">Shannon Lynd-Whalen</h3>

Shannon Lynd-Whalen

NYS Licensed Funeral Director
I have been at Miller Funeral Homes, Inc since....READ MORE

Picture of <h3 class="staff-title">Patty A. Hite</h3>

Patty A. Hite

Executive Assistant
Raised in Altoona, Pennsylvania by William and Elsie Gardner, upon my....READ MORE

Picture of <h3 class="staff-title">Karen LaLonde</h3>

Karen LaLonde

Executive Assistance to the President